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Trousers double as a drumkit

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DrumPants are a set of sensors designed to be worn underneath trousers, enabling users to create electronic beats by simply tapping their legs.

The days of lugging around heavy musical instruments from gig to gig could soon be over. Regular readers of Springwise may remember the MJ v1.0, the jacket that enables wearers to create music through gesture control, and now we’ve come across , which utilize sensors worn underneath trousers to enable users to create electronic beats by simply tapping their legs.

Each DrumPants kit features contact sensor strips thin enough to be attached to the body discreetly underneath clothing. The sensors can be worn in multiple ways and the basic kit includes two Velcro strips that can be attached to the thighs and two ‘foot pedals’ that can be worn around the feet. Each sensor connects to a wearable control box that transmits the data to a mobile device such as an iPad. DrumPants come with over 100 high quality drum sounds built-in, but they can also be used to control existing music making apps — such as or . As the developers point out, the DrumPants can actually be used to control an array of programs, from video games to presentation software. The video below offers a demonstration of the product:

DrumPants raised more than double its target this week, and the basic kit is now available to buy for USD 99.99 from the company’s website. Are there other ways wearable tech can help consumers become creative without the need for bulky and expensive equipment?



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