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Tourists rewarded for delivering goods to non-profit ventures abroad

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AngelMule aims to encourage travelers to deliver vital supplies for non-profit projects in return for new experiences and good karma.

Regular readers of Springwise will remember our recent coverage of, the Turkey-based social travel site which links tourists with locals in need of goods from outside of the country. Taking a similar approach but with a charitable angle, aims to encourage travelers to deliver vital supplies for non-profit projects in return for new experiences. Australian-based mmMule has already been connecting tourists with locals who may need goods from abroad. The idea behind the site’s new arm – AngelMule – came from a trip co-founders Andrew Simpson and Avis Mulhall took to Rwanda, where they visited an orphanage carrying a much-prized football. In Andrew’s words: “It was the most amazing experience to turn up at the orphanage with a football and see the ecstatic reactions of the kids who had been using a plastic water bottle to kick around…” Aiming to provide a platform for other travelers to have a similar experience, AngelMule enables visitors to set their current location and destination and search for posts by non-profit organizations in need of goods. If a match is found, users can then message the organization to arrange a delivery. Charities can list the items they need travelers to bring, as well as the reward they are willing to offer. These can range from a hug to accommodation, or a tour of the local area. AngelMule gives travelers the chance to have a unique experience abroad as well as give something back to the communities they are visiting. How else could you put a charitable twist on something that travelers are already planning to do?



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