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Thai restaurant organizes menu by blood type

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The menu at The Third Floor in Bangkok includes blood type letters to help diners choose a meal that will complement their dietary needs.

In Asia, many subscribe to the belief that blood type should determine people’s ideal diet and exercise regime. Now, a restaurant in Thailand is promoting that idea by organizing their menu according to blood type. Each dish on the menu at in Bangkok is accompanied by the letters O, A, B or AB, to encourage diners to choose a meal that will complement their dietary needs.

The Third Floor offers a full menu of Thai food including plenty of meat, fish and vegetables. Each dish has the relevant blood-type symbol or symbols beside it on the menu, in the same way a V for vegetarian might appear. According to the blood type diet, type Os require a high-protein diet, stemming from their roots in carnivorous tribes, while type As should go meat-free, as their roots in agriculture mean they have a sensitive immune system, and so on.

Are there other ways of organizing restaurant menus, to cater to niche dietary needs?

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