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Telepresence brings first robot internship

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New York advertising agency 360i is recruiting for a robot internship, so remote graduates can get valuable work experience in the Big Apple.

We’ve seen how telepresence robots can help bedridden art lovers explore museums, or dispense prescription drugs to patients in remote locations. Now, ad agency is using the technology to create a ‘robot’ intern.

For five hours a week, one successful internship applicant will be present in 360i’s offices using the telepresence robot from Suitable Tech. The mobile, four-feet high robots enable the remote intern to shadow employees, and communicate via the two way screens for meetings and presentations. Unfortunately, due to a lack of arms, the intern won’t be able to go on coffee runs. The agency wants to create a ‘robot’ intern to enhance career opportunities for those unable to afford to live in expensive cities with valuable work opportunities like New York. 360i is currently accepting via its online portal.

The remote workforce is growing, as many companies enable employees the flexibility of working from home, or make the most of freelancers in the gig economy. From Slack to blockchain, startups are coming up with easier ways for communicating and interacting remotely. How else can the experience of working from home be made more efficient and convenient?



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