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Swedish startup creates biodegradable, cork phone cases

Eco & Sustainability

Swedish-based 15:21 is helping preserve the Portuguese cork forests by making phone cases out of biodegradable cork

Spotted: Swedish-based  is creating natural and biodegradable phone cases. The cases are made from cork, which , according to the company.

Most phone cases are made from plastic, which . Cork is . It is also naturally water-resistant, the company . Cork trees are not harmed when it is harvested.

The Swedish phone cases are also an effort to save . Traditional demand for cork has declined as wineries started to use more plastic corks and aluminium screw caps. “This sudden change of demand has resulted in a deforestation of cork oaks, [but] by inventing new commercial uses for cork, we support the survival of the cork forests,” the company .

In addition to , 15:21 also makes cork passport holders and other accessories.

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