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Digital “matchmaker” agency | Photo source

Startup serves as matchmaker for companies and digital agencies

Advertising & Marketing

Sortlist goes beyond what can be done on LinkedIn and Google in helping businesses find their ideal match when searching for digital marketers

Spotted: Belgium startup  pairs companies with marketing and advertising services based on their needs. It aims to become the for businesses looking for the right marketing company.

differs from  and  searches in several ways. First, it asks companies for detailed information about what they need in a digital agency. Second, it includes reviews and recommendations for the . That helps companies evaluate how well a prospective advertisement or marketing agency fits its needs. It also allows companies to search by location, type of work and budget.

Sortlist helps brands “navigate the space and to .” Its co-founders were . They had their own digital agency and realised companies were looking for “top agencies” that were poised to make it big. Traditional search options did not provide the context and information they needed.

The startup has already  ranging from  to . It recently raised €550,000 in seed funding from private investors and Belgium early-stage investor .



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