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Simulation-based training for high-risk medical tech

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LeQuest is expanding its customisable, simulation-based training platform, aiming to ensure proper and efficient use of medical devices

Spotted: Dutch med-tech startup LeQuest is expanding its customisable, simulation-based training platform for healthcare professionals. Its simulations focus on how to use high-risk tech in hospitals, particularly in operating rooms and intensive care units. There is also a gamification element to the platform to aid in the learning process.

The aim is to ensure proper and efficient use of medical devices so personnel can be relieved of regulatory demands and give more attention to patients. LeQuest says there is strong demand from hospitals and manufacturers for what it can offer.

The company recently raised €7 million with the help of new investors MedFinance and InnovationQuarter. It plans to use the funds to accelerate growth by collaborating more with device manufacturers and expanding services to a wider-range of hospitals. It is already working with several big names in medical device field, including Philips, Siemens and GE.



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