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Secure data platform replaces passwords with smartphones

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MobileIron's zero-trust platform removes passwords and turns employees' mobile devices into their ID and secure access to data

Spotted: US-based is eliminating passwords to access secure data at work. The platform turns employees’ mobile phones into their key to access servers and cloud data.

Zero-trust is basically what it sounds like: . MobileIron uses a variety of attributes . For instance, it validates the device, app authorisation and the network being used to log on. It also detects and remediates threats before granting secure access to a device or user. That makes it safer than passwords, .

“Zero trust security significantly reduces risk by giving you complete control over your business data as it flows across devices, apps, networks, and cloud services,” .

The service will be available on iOS devices in June 2019, with a rollout later in 2019 for Android.

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