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New research into human movement detection could help the elderly | Photo source

Researchers use sound waves to learn human movement

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The sound wave research could have major implications for medical alarms, especially for senior citizens living alone

Spotted: have discovered a way to use sound and deep learning to detect and . The work could result in health detectors that are , they say.

The research team, based at , says its work allows for (HAR). HAR is a type of deep learning that predicts and analyses human behaviour. It is used in video surveillance, healthcare, smart homes, and sports.

In a recent paper, the research team are commonly used in HAR. Visual sensors are accurate, but raise privacy concerns. In addition, visual sensors struggle to deal with smoke, low light and other challenges. But this method uses sound waves for more accurate results. Poor visibility does not affect sound waves.

Audio, or sound waves, in the past due to the limited number of sensors used. The Wuhan University team . It also used . The researchers were able to gather data connected to four common human activities: sitting, standing, walking and falling.

They used an AI algorithm to identify each type of motion based on the data. Their method resulted in , the team says.

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