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They keep popping up: online-offline hybrids that combine electronic mail and snail mail . Latest to appear on our radar? , a German company that offers both a free and a paid option for sending postal mail. Users write their letter online or upload a scanned image of a handwritten text. Choosing the ‘Freibrief’ option, they can send it for free, accompanied by a printed ad (similar to previously featured ). When using Freibrief, ‘Quabbers’ choose their sponsor from a list to ensure a good fit between advertisement and recipient. Which, theoretically, should improve an ad’s rate of success. Alternatively, users can pay as they go for each letter they send: EUR 1.19 within Europe or EUR 2,39 worldwide, which includes postage, a colour print and an envelope. Non-registered users pay EUR 1.59 / 2.79. Quabb prints the letters and ensures their delivery. Providing added convenience, the company archives a digital version of each letter in the sender’s personal mailbox. Quabb can also be used to send faxes—founder Daniel Giersch views his venture as a one-stop-solution for communication. The service is currently available in Germany and Switzerland. How about niche versions that provide additional benefits and cost-efficient mailing options for specific audiences? Schools, doctor’s offices, landlords, children, iPhone users… As long as it continues to be a communication channel for consumers and businesses, opportunities exist for entrepreneurs who can provide smart ways to handle postal mail. (Related: — .) Spotted by: Martina Meng



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