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Straw Bale School | Photo source

Indian studio designs concept school out of straw and wood

Nonprofit & Social Cause

The design uses wood and local material to create a sustainable and adaptable solution for a school in Malawi

Spotted: An  has created a concept of a school built entirely of wood and straw. The design is , according to the architects. It is also stable in terms of , they told .

Nudes Studio created the design as part of  on behalf of the . The concept school had to be made out of local materials and construction systems. Sustainability and scalability were also key requirements. The design had to be a modular solution that could be constructed in stages.  

Nudes Studio’s concept uses . The structures can be adapted in size and shape to accommodate the school’s needs. Its exterior sides are filled in with straw (earth and terracotta could also be used).

The Nudes’ design was not chosen for the school project. But the . It is also planning a pop-up pavilion that would include straw bales in its construction

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