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Food Forward has already salvaged 60 million pounds of food | Photo source

Warehouse collects unused produce and extends its life

Food & Drink

The warehouse is part of a programme to collect unsaleable produce and deliver it to people in need

Spotted: US-based has created a to help the charity deliver more produce and reduce food waste. It also has the potential .

Food Forward when founder Rick Nahmias noticed all the fruit going to waste in people’s gardens. Today, the organisation harvests fruit from gardens and collects perishables for farmers as well as wholesalers. The food is then distributed .

By collecting and consuming the food instead of pitching it, , the organization says. That helps cut down on .

But the fruits and vegetables spoil quickly, which has limited Food Forward’s reach. The will allow Food Forward to store perishables for longer and ensure vulnerable communities receive what they need. The warehouse will be one link in the organisation’s larger distribution network, according to Food Forward. 

Food Forward to purchase the facility, which opened on 20 June. It has the capacity to store approximately , according to founder Rick Nahmias.

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