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Interactive clothing

Fashion designer creates interactive clothing

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New robotized clothing range is able to react to the presence of strangers.

Chinese fashion designer Ying Gao recently unveiled her latest collection of interactive and responsive clothing, called . The collection consists of two robotic garments that have been designed to complement each other, but include a fingerprint scanner that activates the movement of the garment when a stranger’s fingerprint isn’t recognized.

The movement of the material was inspired by hypotrochoids – a continuous curve drawn by a single point that’s linked to a mobile circle, which was most famously used by the Spirograph game. The random nature of the pattern’s creation means that the material appears to have a random and very natural movement – as you’ll see from the video below.

This isn’t the first time that Gao has used technology in her design work. In 2016 she created a range called Neutralité Dresses, which was an outfit that continued moving until someone stared at it for too long. Designer Behnaz Farahi has also produced a piece of responsive clothing: a 3D-printed shawl with an embedded camera. Is responsive clothing the future of fashion, or just a flash in the pan?



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