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Finch 3D is a parametric design tool | Photo source

Swedish design tool automatically generates floor plans

Architecture & Design

The tool, developed by Wallgren Arkitekter and BOX Bygg, helps architects understand a site's potential in the early stages of the design process

Spotted: Swedish firms and  have developed a design tool that automatically generates floor plans. allows architects to easily evaluate a site’s potential, according to the creators.

Finch 3D is a parametric design tool – architects enter a site’s parameters and Finch 3D generates floor plans. Wallgren Arkitekter Co-founder Pamela Wallgren said Finch 3D is a “more user-friend tool” for architects. 

Finch is being created as a plugin to a visual programming tool called Grasshopper. , a commercial computer graphics, computer-aided-design program. With Finch, architects will be able to use parametric design “without knowledge of Grasshopper or coding,” according to Wallgren. 

The tool is still under production. The team plans to make it commercial available in 2020. 

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