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Wild tigers conservation via image royalties

Science & Environment

Tiger Royalty is raising funds for the endangered big cats by asking brands to pay for their image rights.

Animal conservation charities are always coming up with creative ways to raise awareness for their cause, with one recently using emojis of endangered animals to encourage tweeters to donate. By focusing on tiger iconography, Tiger Royalty is hoping that brands can help raise extra funding for the endangered big cat.

Fashion and other consumer products have often used tigers for inspiration, and now brands can give something back the same way they pay royalties for celebrity or artist image rights. By pledging to become Tiger Royalty partners, brands that use images of tigers or tiger-stripe inspired patterning can donate some of their profits to Panthera, the charity behind the initiative. The products get tagged with Tiger Royalty’s logo, helping to raise awareness of the cause, and show that the brands are conservation conscious.

Panthera’s Tigers Forever campaign is leading cutting-edge approaches to protecting wild tiger populations, but the need for funding grows evermore as time runs out to save the critically endangered creatures from extinction. Could the image rights of other animals be similarly used to raise funds?

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