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5G chip promises immersive experience on a smartphone

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Qualcomm is bringing immersive reality to your phone


Qualcomm’s new promise better Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) immersion – and better headsets to enjoy it. The tiny 5G phone chips, known as the , are more powerful than the 4G chips we currently have in our smartphones. The chips can process VR and AR in real time — in other words, a fully immersive experience says.

To enjoy the experience, you need a VR/AR headset. These headsets exist but have . Successful models, like HoloLens, focus on business. Entertainment and gaming-driven models tend to be clunky and pricey.

With Snapdragon 855 and its full immersive (XR) experience, Qualcomm is trying to change that. The company is working with several VR/AR headset producers, including , and , to enable XR glasses. The glasses will connect to the phone by USB-C, like iPhone ear buds.

are already on the market, the and the mixed reality glasses. Qualcomm plans to launch a certification programme to help market “XR ready” glasses.



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